Bazaldua for Dallas City Council District 7



I want to be your next Dallas City Councilman so that I can tackle the following issues that we face in District 7.

Community engagement

  • Community Beautification
  • District 7 Advisory Board
  • Youth Outreach

partnering with DISD

  • Career Pipelines
  • Building dialogue with DISD trustees

Tackling homelessness

  • Addressing access to mental health care
  • Housing equality
  • Jobs
  • Education for constituents

loose dogs

  • Bid/ Contract opportunity to support or fully contract out dog capture, to reduce burden on city services
  • Hold city staff accountable for being more diligent in enforcing city code and animal abuse violations
  • Build coalition with neighboring districts that also suffer from this problem

coalition building

  • Bringing district together
  • Council people from neighboring districts
  • DISD Coalition
  • State Representative Coalition

Economic growth

  • Quality food
  • Quality retail
  • Managing Revitalization